a lightweight resource and community designed to close the gap between what you're capable of and what you actually achieve

Be the Beacon is a personal development guide broken down into bite-sized chunks with relevant learnings that can be applied directly to your life, and the flexibility to do it at your pace.

Every month there are approximately 3-5 concepts that are presented through video lessons, activities to cement your learning, and practical exercises that get results fast. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make with just 15 minutes a week.

The Education Gap

  • School teaches...

    • subject matter expertise,
    • how to follow instructions,
    • work for external approval (like a grade), and
    • excel within structure.
  • But school doesn't typically prepare you to:

    • unleash your unique talents,
    • set your own objectives,
    • create your own path, and
    • self-motivate and self-direct to accomplish it all.
  • As a result, a great deal of talent and ability is wasted.

    ...that's where Be the Beacon comes in. We systematically teach you the skills to close the gap and achieve your dreams.

Be the Beacon

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Do YOU Have What it Takes???

Be the Beacon was designed with a certain type of person in mind.  First off, it requires an amazing, talented individual.  But there is something else that you need to be a fit for this program.

What you need to begin…

  • something you really want

whether that’s to start your own business, make a big change in your life, tackle a new obstacle, or achieve a significant goal


  • a compelling "why" (the reason you want it)

we will be providing tools to help your resolve and strengthen your engagement; but the underlying inspiration is in your court; i.e., you really need to want it, or else no amount of support from us is going to get you there

If you have both the desire and drive, then Be the Beacon is for you, and we’d love to welcome you to our action-oriented community of go-getters. 

Be the Beacon program

Here's how it works...

  • The Essentials

    You'll get an introduction to our program's core philosophies and the internal game designed to train students on the game of "life". This is a motivational, experiential learning tool that assists in developing and reinforcing the self-directional skills necessary for success.

  • Take Action!

    Be the Beacon is an ACTIVE program, designed to mirror and promote the entrepreneurial skills needed to take things to the next level. The program is designed to keep students accountable for taking productive steps that generate